What do Hipsters taste in their wine?

There is a good chance that you have heard of hipsters, they are trendy young people and they eat healthily, are into abstract anythings, they develop notions of the world, they are philosophic and bludge money off their parentals while they do an Arts Degree that they won't need because they want to save the whales. oh ohhhh I think I feel a rhyme coming on

They take chia seed smoothies to the black and white movies, while emo kids shed tears, they drink vintage craft beers, they look like Jim Morrison, with a hat and no socks on, they like vinyl that is rare and play with their hair, and they think our wine is the shit, as long as it is organic. 

Wellll, what would these hip-stars tell us about wine that we don't already know...? This video will give you a  little insight into just that... enjoy

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