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We are proud to be Australian with an Italian Influence

About the Winemaker

The woman behind the dynamic winery that is 'The Wine Crate' is Belinda Morandin. With more than 20 years of commercial winemaking experience, Belinda produces wines of superb quality that showcase the best nature has to offer. With an abundance of talent and passion, Belinda’s vibrant personality shines through in the wines she creates.

The  Wine Crate Story

When I started out in wine, I was a girl in a very male dominated industry. To make matters even trickier, I was an Aussie in a very traditional Italian town! But with perseverance and a little bit of charm, those cantankerous, older Italian men became my friends and mentors and shaped the way I make wine today.

The wine growers would come in to the winery with their grapes each harvest. After the whole process was over and the wine was in the bottle, we’d organise tastings and the growers would complain about what I’d done to their fruit.

 I started making more approachable wines with more complexity and lower alcohol content. Wines that are a part of everyday life. Wines that you can drink at lunchtime and not need to stop for a siesta afterwards. 

After many years of generous mentoring, good advice and asking “what would you do differently?”, I’m delighted to be producing wines that capture the European feel whilst still keeping many of the great characteristics of Australian wine. My wines have less human interference and express their true characters directly from the grapes in the vineyard. I’ve allowed their natural quality to shine through in each wine.

“We work as a family to create wines that are approachable...”

The Vineyard

The Wine Crate is located in Griffith NSW, the fine food and wine capital of Australia. It produces superior wines that deliver far more than the price suggests.

The Morandin family’s 88 acre vineyard supplies much of the fruit for The Wine Crate’s appealing wines. It is supplemented by specially selected grapes from other renowned Australian wine-making regions such as the Coonawarra, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Consistency is guaranteed without foregoing the element of excitement.

Helter Skelter - Shiraz - 12 Bottles



Enjoy this engaging Shiraz with its bright red berry colour and perfect scents of plum. Soft cherry tannins and hints of refined oak give it good flavour and balance. Great with spicy foods and other rich fare.

Helter Skelter - Semillion Sauvignon Blanc - 12 Bottles



This refreshing Semillon Sauvignon Blanc takes you on a merry adventure through bouquets of tropical fruit and blossoms. A perfect partner with popular seafood and chicken dishes.

Helter Skelter - Merlot - 12 Bottles



Join the hoopla with this charming Merlot. Its classic varietal aromas of summer berries are complemented by hints of rose petal and gentle spices. A suitable companion for classic Mediterranean food.

Helter Skelter - Chardonnay - 12 Bottles



Scents of fruit salad and lemon tart make this jovial Chardonnay a pleasure to drink. The soft citrus edge lingers long enough to make this wine a good mate for gourmet pastas and mild Asian dishes.

Helter Skelter - Cabernet Sauvignon - 12 Bottles



Dive headlong in to this approachable Cabernet Sauvignon with its vibrant crimson colour and layers of flavour. With a medium body, it’s cheerful enough for pizza night and rich enough to drink with your favourite meat dishes.

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Belinda Morandin
0412 447 466

Farm 1999, West Road Nericon NSW 2680

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