What does Swirling your wine do?

Have you been keen to take your wine for a swirl, you really should. Why? Well if you give it a good swirl it will open up your wine and let some oxygen in... and yes that is a good thing. When you agitate and oxidise the wine it will give you everything it's got and you will thank it kindly. Everyone likes to swirl their wine differently.

Some will make big gestures while looking at the wine and commenting on it, others will sit it on the table and make small circles that just lift it enough, some give it a few flicks and a bit of a smell. Smelling as you swirl is a good idea because you can often smell it opening up which will make you think twice about not doing it next time.

We love this video about swirling so much that we had to share it with you. It is from Oregon in the USA and is rather funny.If you have a story or a superior technique, please share it with us and make us wiser for the experience.

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