What is a Sommelier? and how to help them help you choose a great wine?

So how do you pronounce this word Sommelier... well it's like this {SUH-MAL-YAY}Many in the Industry refer to them as a Somme which is pronounced {SOM}These beverage specialists are the masters of wine procurement, wine storage, wine cellar rotation, and are in charge of delivering the best service possible to wine consumers. 

It is up to the sommelier to train the staff, develop the wine list, time the delivery of wine and they must have a deep knowledge of how food, wine, beer, spirits and other beverages work in harmony. The sommelier understands the taste preference and budget parameters of patrons and can match to any food, mood, the day of the week or even what the weather is. Although the sommelier works mainly with wines, modern times have broadened their role by encompassing beers, spirits, soft-drinks, cocktails, mineral waters, and tobaccos as well. 

In Japan, they even have a sommelier for vegetables.Though 'sommelier' is a job title potentially anyone may claim, becoming a professionally certified sommelier often requires some combination of experience, long training, formal education, classes and examinations.Here is a cool video by Sommelier Patrick Cappiello. He offers some really good advice on ordering wine and give you an idea of what it is like to be in their shoes. Cappiello is the Operating Partner and Wine Director at Pearl and Ash Restaurant in Manhattan in New York in America.

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