Top 10 tricks to get a nice glass of wine at the bar.

I used to work in a few bars in Sydney and I loved selling wine. I think that it is a fun topic to try and wrap your head around. I got told by one person that you should create a girl that you think the wine is like and explain her and how she is like the wine. This can be done with sports, colours, feeling, television shows or even relationships. NOW... If you are in a good bar they will help guide you through the process because they will know their product inside and out, but a lot of the time you will get a new bartender that has either not tasted the wine or doesn't drink wine at all. So is it ok for you to sample the wines until you find one you like?

There are a few methods to getting the best result...

1. Ask the bartender if they have a favourite wine, if they don't there is a good chance they can't help If they do that's a good start.

2. Make sure you go to the bar when it's not busy because they will have no time for you and will try and rush your decision.

3. If the bartender is helpful, try to narrow your decision before your tasting... eg. white or red, sweet or dry, heavy or light, words like woody for whites or cherry for reds ect...

4. Let them know something you have had before that you liked and why you liked it.

5. Let the bartender know that you are trying something new and that you would like to have a taste.

6. If you like the wine take a picture of the bottle for next time so you can find it again.

7. Look for the oldest person at the bar. Having an appreciation for wine is much like wine itself, it gets better with time. Most young people just drink to get drunk and wine doesn't really sit in that category. 

8. If you want to spend a decent amount of money on a bottle it is ok to ask for a manager. There is a good chance that they do the ordering and will know something you would like.

9. If you see a friend with a glass of wine ask for a taste. This is always smart because you will know if you like it before you even get to the bar.

10. Let the bartender know what you will be eating, this always makes the decision easier for all involved.I hope this has been useful... Bartenders just want to give you something that you are going to like so they love it when you go to the effort to help them out.

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