Should I store my wine standing up or laying down?

Give it a try... Storing your wine in the horizontal position is not as important as it used to be now that we live in the age of screw caps. However if your wine is sealed by cork, I would not suggest storing it standing up. Wines sealed with a cork should always be on their side ensuring that the cork has contact with the wine inside the bottle. 

The reason for this is that if the cork dries out it can let in air, and air oxidises the wine and in turn this can impact the flavour and in some cases causes the wine of go off and give you a terrible taste that is referred to as being corked. Here is a great video from Epicurious on 'Wine 101: How to Store Wine'...

We have a wine below that will age very nicely, it's a very drinkable Shiraz that isn't too full on but has a lot of

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