At what temperatures should you serve red and white wines?

Wine can vary a lot when served at different temperatures so it is important to get it right. There are very few people will bother to measure temperature with a thermometer but the ones who are probably having nicer glasses of the same wine, thats for sure. A rule of thumb is that whites are often served too cold and reds are usually too warm. 

Many people say that red wines should be served at room temperature and this is correct, but in Australia the average room temperature is much higher so in order to get the same result you would have to put it in the fridge for about 3-4 minutes to bring it down. When you do this it can take the buzzy tang out of that first sip and open it up just enough to settle. When it comes to whites, some can loose their fruity tones or sweetness when served too cold and if this is their greatest asset you may want to step it back a bit on the cooling. 

The temperature of the day can throw things to the wind as well so it is important to factor this into the process too. As a guideline, still white wines will show best around 7-9 degrees, and reds around 17-19 degrees Celsius. Sparking is always expected to be extremely chilled but if it is a Prosecco or a Pinot Grigio say, it can be nice to wait a little so you can appreciate the sweetness and or complexity.If you have any tips or advice that have helped you in the past please let us know and we will put it together in the next post and give you the credit you deserve... oh and we will send you a little something special as well.

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